Yumiko Cheng, Mandy Chen, Joey Yung, Vincy Yeung in Edison Chen Naughty Photo Scandal

Edison Chen, a Chinese-canadian Hong Kong movie star,  and Gillian Chung, both actors, are now in the middle of a sex scandal as naughty hot pictures of their intimate bedroom activities has somehow been leaked onto the Internet.

All people can see it. The pics are real, and came from Edison’s laptop. Chung was interviewed after the release of naughty pictures from a previous scandal. Chung should have learned the first time. You may not be able to understand Chinese, but those tears streaming down her face in the interview are universal. Don’t look at these pics at work.

The sex scandal of nude photos started after pictures were taken from Edison Chen’s laptop by a technician that was repairing it. There were a total of approximately 1,300 pictures. The naughty pictures included Bobo Chan Man, Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi, Edison Chen, Gillian Chung, Gillian Chung Yun-Tung, Joey Yung, Yu Chiu, Vincy Yeung, Cecilia Cheung, Yumiko Cheng, Mandy Chen, BoBo Chen, Rachel Ngan, Candice Chan, Jolin Tsai, Maggie Q, and some say even Japanese star Chiaki Kuriyama, and possibly more.

Now the scandal appeared Gillian didn’t keep her words being a pure image.. in Hong Kong news… there is a father having headache just because his daughter keeps asking why her idol being naked or what is happening to the idol. The father has no idea how to explain to her… being a STAR, she need to attract and show her good side or image to everyone, because they all people idol n will be many people follow what they have done… so there will be always consequence! Now we are talking the true story of the biggest sex scandal in Hong Kong show business.

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