Korean Actors Rain and Lee Hyo Ri smell each other’s scent

Korean Actors Rain and Lee Hyo Ri smells each other’s scent. “Friends with benefits” – Rain and Hyori commented on what they know best about each other – each other’s body during an interview with MBC’s Section TV. Hyori complimented Rain’s hip line and Rain mentioned Hyori’s “perfect” body line especially in tight shirts and tanks.

we do think that both of them have perfect body! and of course to die for.. hope to see them in new series too..

they’re not actually friends w/ benefits right???? and yeah they’d make a hot couple together

imagine how their baby would turn out like!
hot from the first second its born haha

What does their statement signify? They know each other’s body could mean they have seen each other’s body already otherwise how could they say that together? The way they gazed at each other is full of lust. She is his ideal girl and mentioned before he likes sexy girl like Lee HyoRi. Wow, what is this leading to, Rain? Hope not another scandal talk created by himself again like previously to spark off more rumours? It’s going to hurt his BiKyo’s fans if he cant remain loyal to one girl not unless they have broken up already, possibly so.

Perfect, Rain always stressed that he likes older women & also they are complimenting each other’s sexy bodies. HyoRi does not look older than him. They look compatible as a sweet young couple in love and who knows it’s likely to happen since she is a lonely girl. Anyway he announced that he is still looking for a girlfriend, so this CF could start off a steamy relationship.

they both know how to act. That’s what they get paid for in this CF too.

I’m not saying that it’s impossible for them to get together or that it would necessarily be a bad thing. Just that there’s enough jumping into conclusions floating around the entertainment business as it is already.

Nevertheless, the both look great!

god.i hate seeing hyo ri together with bi oppa. oooh please. i don’t like hyo ri be together with bi. sorry for her fans but it’s my opinion because hyo ri looks so flirt. but she’s indeed sexy and hot and good singer but her body is fake. she undergone plastic surgery, right? but anyway, i’m no against hyo ri coz i like her too sometimes but it makes me irritated whenever she’s with rain. lol. i don’t why but uhmmm… yeah

Haha the title is so misleading. But considering Rain stripped in so many concerts, who doesn’t have a hunch of how his body is like? As for Hyori, I have seen some really revealing pictures of hers, so it’s easy to tell. They’re really compatible in a way, I can’t really tell that Hyori is older than Rain if I didn’t know. Plus, the CF looks hot!

I think they look really good together. I mean they’re the hottest people in Korea. And they seem to get along very well, so hey props to them for that awesome CM.

i think you should not believe what popseoul said… they are always saying bad things about rain you know… and i think it’s a very nasty thing to tag rain’s name into a statement like”friends with benefits

What you mean by “friends with benefits”? Did they really said bad things?
Actually in the first place, why did they put the headlines ” they like each other’s bodies”? Did Rain said he likes her body too? LeeHyoRi has a bad reputation, why Rain dragged himself into the picture by adding more salt and pepper to sound so juicy to the public. He should have avoided working with her at all costs to save himself some embarrassment like he encountered few years ago, not that he is desperately need of money.

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    song hye kyo and rain forever

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